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Locate a church

About Us!
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This website has been made possible by The Grace of God

Finding a church does not necessarily have to be a painful process.

Now, thanks to the internet, you can find your next church close to your home, or more importantly, a church with your values and beliefs.

Church-goers can locate a church on this site. FREE of charge

Our Draw Near to God section is designed so that you can easily find useful tools if you'd like to grow your faith or engage your spiritual curiosity. Bible studies, religious books, gospel music, videos, DVDs, sermons, commentaries and writings of various theological scholars are available through this web-presence. FREE of charge

Military and Prison Ministries are also included for those who are separated from a loved one or loved ones. We have something for everyone in the whole family from Parenting and Motherhood to Games and Puzzles to Teens with recommended Chats and Blogs. FREE of charge

Not only do we offer you prayers but also the ability to connect with a prayer-warrior live 24 hours a day and of course this can be accessed through this website. FREE of charge

Pastors and clergy of the church can easily locate required items such as furniture, gowns, robes, pews, etc. Pastors can also use Concordances, Biblical Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Commentaries and Writings of theological scholars as "sermon-aids" to research and prepare for Sunday Morning Sermons. FREE of charge.

In our Business Directory section we have pre-screened network of sponsors who have vowed to offer "church friendly" products, services and advice. All of our sponsors have "Pledged to conduct business ethically, with honesty and integrity, in a way that reflects Godly Principles." Most of our sponsors have even agreed to offer all of our viewers a discount, when possible, if you mentioned "ChurchBlessings" on your initial visit or call.

We ask that you give our sponsors first opportunity of doing business with you or at least obtain a second opinion from them because they too are a part of our church-going community.

Whether you're Home, Relocating or Traveling . . We're here for you!

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