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Since February 2006, has been the premier Church Referral network, as well as providing useful information and resources to the Church-going community.

Best of all our service is absolutely FREE to all our users.

We are #1 in our industry, consistently ranking in the top 100,000 of all websites online (certified by Alexa)

Below, you will find just a few of the many "thank-you testimonials" we have received via email from our thousands of churches, parishioners, sponsors and viewers. We ask that if this website has helped you - Let us know via email -

Thank you! I appreciate your prayers.
- Barbara Galvan, Chicago, IL

Thanks for the listing for our church.
- Rev. Brenda J. Wood, Riverside, CA

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Joanne Beaulieu, Denver, CO

Thank you all for caring enough to reach out and help a stranger.
- Eve Hicks, Denver Area, CO

Wow! Just the email alone has been a blessing! I am a believer as well but have been hurt so bad-at times I wondered if God has forgotten, but know that he is in control; thanks for the reminder as you have been an agent of blessing by your thoughts.
- K C Trailer, Oregon

Thank you for the information
- R. M., Las Vegas , NV

Thank you for trying to help me... GOD BLESS YOU for taking the time to provide information that may help.
- Michael Milrod, Las Vegas, NV

- Brittani Murphy, Las Vegas, NV.

Thank you!
- Chris McTarsney, Denver, CO

Just wanted to say thank you so much.... Thank you so much for your prayers and referral!
- Zebra Lady, Portland, OR

Thank you Sir/ Madam...God bless you all
- Alireza Sokhanvari, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you and God Bless
- Teresa Quinnett, Denver, CO

Thank you.
- Phillip Sayles, Seattle, WA

thank you
-Tanya Baldwin, Denver, CO

Thank you.
- Valerie Cox, Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you so much...
- Jayseesya, Seattle, WA

Thank you for responding. And thanks for the prayers.
- Alan Larabee, Seattle WA

Thank you very much for your time
- Cindy, Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much"
- Arlene Rxztz, Seattle, WA

"Thank you very much ... Thank you thank you thank you!!!"
- Charla Henderson, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for the lead and the support. I really appreciate it.
- Nathan Baugh, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for your help"
- Heather DeRosa, Seattle, WA

"Thank you!"
- Michael Hinnant, Colorado

Will do, and thank you
- Robin Warner, Seattle,WA

Thank you
- Kelly Dellerman, Kansas City, MO

- Mark, Las Vegas, NV

thank you for following up and thank you for listening /reading/ it helped to vent.
- Darrelllalicker, Kansas City, KS

I want to thank you so much for the help you sent my way. Thank you so much
- Gina Lockaby and Cole Loya, San Diego, CA.

- Donna Galloway, California

hello and good morning-thank you for the referral to help me. I appreciate that you took the time.
- A Roth, Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for taking time to read my request.
-Troy Parks, Phoenix, AZ

OMG, thank you. ... thank you!!!
- Tony , Denver, CO

thank you
- Printdeals, Phoenix, AZ

What a very nice reply, nobody ever prayed for me. It makes me cry...thank you so much!!!
- Andre, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much!...I appreciate your prayers immensely.
- Hannah Carr, Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for the prayers
- Dana Davison, San Diego, CA

Thank you very much
- Marlyn Ponce, Los Angeles, CA

Thank You
- Chris, Denver, CO

I want to thank you for your kind reply ... Thank you again for taking the time to reply to me on this matter. Have a wonderful and God Bless you!
- Trish, Portland, OR

thank you and thank you for the prayers
- Darin, Denver, CO

Thank you
- Hubbysstuff, St. Louis, MO

Thank you so much and God bless!
- Holly Kozdra, Los Angeles, CA

Our family thanks you very much… God Bless Everyone!
- The Roberts Family, Portland, OR

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
- Elaine , Colorado

thank you for the info
- Jake Morgan, Kansas City, KS

Thank you so much ...
- Robert E. Hinske, Tucson, AZ

Thanks so much ...
- Mark LoBello, Esq (spsr), Las Vegas, NV

- Jeremy, Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks. I appreciate it.
- Renee Young, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for taking the time to make these changes.
- Daniel Hannum, Senior Pastor Las Vegas, NV

- Thor Dahl, San Diego, CA

- Jason Henderson, Glendale, AZ

- Lori Borders, New Mexico

Thanks ...
- David Choate, Seattle, WA

ty ... ty for the response
- Bert James, Seattle, WA

Thank you
- Jerzy, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you in advance
- Pastor Tony Peoples, Montgomery, AL

Thank you!
- Carole Gensel, Clemente, CA

- Jim Black, Augusta, GA

Thank you
- Patty Ryan, Decatur, IL

- Destiny Church, Spokane, WA

-Melinda & Brad, Denver, CO

Thank you,
- Darrell Cain, Huntsville, AL

Thank you.
- Web Team, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so very much! For both the reference & most of all, for the blessings & prayers!! I appreciate all you've done for me. Thank you again
- Cindy Perez, AZ

Thank you so very much!
- Debbie White, AZ

Thank you
- Valerie Morales, Las Vegas, NV

- Seata, California

Thanks for your interest
- Joe, Boulder, CO

Thank you.
- Christina Knapp, Denver, CO

- Evan M Krichman, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for all the referrals!!
- Julie Mersch Las Vegas, NV

Thank you
- Brianna Quiroga, Portland, OR

- Luis Urday, San Diego, CA

- Camille, Spokane, WA

Thanks for the response.
- Joshua, Long Beach, CA

Thank you
- Jeff R, Kansas City, MO

- John, Orange County, CA

- David Gray, San Francisco, CA

Thank you So much. Thank you again. God Bless you all.
- Chris, Tucson, AZ

thank you!
- Lisa, AZ

Thank you again very much. Please pray. I thank you
- Linda, AZ

Thanks for the response.
- Joshua, Long Beach, CA

- Lester Alaniz, Denver, CO

Thank you so much
- Mary Dicken, St. Louis, MO

Thank you! and more importantly, thanks for your prayers!
- Carrie Decker, Portland, OR

Thank you, I will
- Tanya, Phoenix, AZ

- Alex Rodriguez, Orange County, CA

Thank you again for your kindness
- Pamela Lyon, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for the prayer and the response.
- Rob, Portland, OR

Thank you for the lead… Thank you for your prayers.
-Kevin Crouse, Orange County, CA

- Gerald, San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for the referral... Thanks again and happy holidays.
- Shari and Sam Martinsen, Orange Cnty, CA

Thank you for getting the word out.
- Rev. Nancy Phelan, Warwick, RI

You have given me one more thing to be thankful for!
- Theresa Fischer, St Louis, MO

I want to thank you. Whoever you are, you have made a difference in my life and it means a great to me. Thank you for taking the time to care about another who you don't even know!.
- Linda, Boca Raton, FL

I am a minister, and thank God for you!!!!
- Jack, TX

Thank you for your inquiry
- Rev. Dr. Calvin Rice, Pastor Jamaica, NY

Thank you so much!!!
- Martha Terry, Dallas, TX

Thank you for your suggestion... Thank you for trying to help me
- Amy Palcheck, Dallas, TX

Thank You so much
- Le Anna Wanli, Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for your response... Thank you also for your prayers
- Mary Taylor, Tucson, AZ

Hey! ... thank you
- Taylor Humes, Knoxville, TN

Thank you so much for your help....I truly appreciate it!
- Nadia, San Diego, CA

thank you
- J. McCoy, New York City, NY

Thank you for your kind efforts....Thank you once again
- John, New York City, NY

Thank you so much I will call him.
- Marauda, Glenville, GA

- JLKM, Nashville, TN

thanks for reading and reply
- Andy Wilson, Bell Buckle, TN

Thank you for responding. Your Prayers are GREATLY APPRECIATED.
- Susan Rigby, New York City, NY

Thank you
- Melissa DL, Austin, TX

"Thank you very much"
- Marlon Richardson, Orlando, FL

"Thank you"
- Andrea, Texas

"Thank you kindly for taking the time to write and also for the recommendation ... You really are a blessing and again, thank you."
- Andre Gorash, Tucson, AZ

- Bill Leighton, Austin, TX

- Margaret, New York

Thanks for the referral.
- Kevin Christensen

- Anne, New York-

Thank you for your response and thank you for your prayers as well
- TE , New York

Thank you
- Christyn, Orlando, FL

Thank you for your prayers. ... Thanks again, for caring about me.
- Ivy , Orlando, FL

Thank you for the reference.
- D Ginther,

thanks you so much
- Seema Chawla, Miami, FL

thank you
- Jon Kenenski, Miami, FL

I Thank you
- Joe Woodard, Atlanta, GA

thank you so much
- Sunyaz, Tampa, FL

- Kim, New York

Thank you for your recommendation...
- Dawn, Tampa Bay, FL

Thank You ... Thanks again
- Jason, Sacramento, CA

Thank You
- Mark Carrancho, Portland, OR

thank you for emailing
- Guy Story, Memphis, TN

- Monica Banks, Memphis, TN

Thank you for praying for me. I need it. I am a suffering Christian.
- Jakob Clark, Round Rock, TX

Thanks for the Help and prayers. I really appreciate that.
- Rose, New York

Thank you for taking the time ...
- Donna, TX

Thank you for the recommendation
- David Walker, Atlanta Thanks for your time.
- Kara Plunkett, Towson. Maryland

Thanks! :)
- Tara Stanks, Milwaukee, WI

God Bless You!
- Paula Grant, Ft Worth, TX

Thank you very much
- project zero, San Antonio, TX

thank you
- Chris DeRosa, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you very much.
- Valerie Steele, Austin, TX

Thanks so much ...
- Rickey Steinke , San Antonio, TX

Thank you. I sincerely appreciate this.
- Scarlett, Dallas, TX

- Ksieznicka, Chicago, IL

- Paul, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for your email!
- Heather Thompson, Denver, CO

Thank you
- Greg Choate, Jacksonville, FL

- Susan Canfield, New York

Thank you for your referrals
- Chrysta Geremesz, Dallas, TX

Thanks a lot ...
- Dallas Boy, Dallas TX

Thank you
- Connie Baker , Mesa, AZ

thank you very much for your reference, prayers and concern. God Bless you
- Paula D. Nelson, Miami, FL

Thank you
- Joe, Dallas, TX

Thank You so Much
-Kurt, Chicago, IL

thanks so much
- Margaret, New York

Thank you.
- Bert James, WA

I just want to thank you.
- Tami French-Margerison, Jacksonville, FL

- Tom Groves, St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you so very much. God Bless YOU!!!
- Linda, Miami, FL

I'm assuming that you, judging from your screen name, are a Christian? Me too Thanks!

We still appreciate the referral and hope any future referrals can generate happy customers.
- Jason

- Jason M. Marchese, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you,
- Karen Corbin, Acworth, GA

Thank you for you response and for your support.
- A. Hiser, Austin, TX

Thank you so much!
- Mark Hicks, Maricopa County, AZ

Thank you!
- David, AZ

Thank you - God Bless!
- Abe Gould, Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much!
- Ashley Glenn, Austin, TX

thank you!
- Brandi Vallez, AZ

thank you!
- Stephanie Potter, Jacksonville, FL

thank you!
- Steven Toole, Bellevue, WA thank you...thanks again
- Johnny Neal, San Antonio, TX

- Gene Moran, Las Vegas, NV

I thank you so much! Patricia Whited, Gwinnett, GA

- Liran, Miami, FL

Thank you!·
-Chris, Seattle, WA

- Pam, Las Vegas, NV

- Barbara, San Diego, CA

- Amber Thompson, Jacksonville, FL

Great Article! (comment on our Monthly Newsletter)
- Joe Bertrand, Chicago, IL

- Izda Sanchez, Denver, CO

thank you so much!·
- Eva Fernandez, NY, NY

- Tim, Orlando FL

- Gloria, New York

- Stacy Shephard, San Antonio, TX

Thank you
- Jeni Powell, Dallas, TX

After I called your office, I left the website but something told me to go back to you and send you a message, God is Great! Thank You.
- Jasmin Rivera, NY, NY

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